Agent November

It’s weird to start the list with a room that isn’t really a room. But since it’s a live escape game-experience, Agent November has a solid place on this website. And I’m also doing this in alphabetical order.

Agent NovemberScreenshot 2015-01-10 at 11.22.08

Location: No specific location/ “Assemble your team at the Doric Arch Pub, outside Euston Train Station, London NW1 2DN”

Major X Plow-Shun: 3-6 Players
“You and a team of friends will have to survive an avalanche of puzzles, find clues and use spy gadgets to save London from Major X Plow-Shun.”

The Rainbow Syndicate: 3-7 Players
“The Rainbow Syndicate have just robbed the Bank of England! You have to solve this case and bring them to justice.”

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